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We provide free written quotes for all tree service contracts.  We always maintain a no pressure, no obligation form of sales - and no hidden charges or extra fees are ever added to any of our invoices.

All work is performed following ANSI A300 industry standards for arborist practices; we also observe the ANSI Z 133.1 safety standards.  Our services include:


  • Crown cleaning - removal of deadwood, diseased, crossing and conflicting limbs
  • Restoration pruning - selecting leaders and laterals for improved canopy growth after topping
  • Hazard mitigation - reducing end-weight, and/or weak unions, unsound limbs
  • Height reduction - selecting leaders and laterals for smaller overall crown size
  • Directional shaping - clearing buildings, sidewalks, vistas, etc.,
  • Aesthetics - restoring natural symmetry and balance to species
  • Orchard pruning - increase fruit production, reduce damage + disease



  • Hazard trees - technical rigging and difficult access removals
  • Zero impact - advanced rigging over delicate structures and property
  • Lot clearing - felling, chipping, wood salvage
  • Stump grinding - total tree and stump removal
  • Crane work - removal of structurally unsound trees



Plant Health Care

  • Diagnosis & Analysis - soil and tissue samples, biotic and abiotic disease
  • Pesticide application - Utah state licensed pesticide applicator
  • Consultations & Arborist Reports - certified arborists document report
  • Tree Inventories - catalogs of mortality, morbidity, health, species, and location
  • Installation - nursery selection, planting, follow-up care

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